First American Woman Up 28,251-Foot Killer K2

From Forbes "Exclusive Interview With Vanessa O’Brien, First American Woman Up 28,251-Foot Killer K2 Jim Clash , CONTRIBUTOR I write about culture and adventure sports. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Vanessa O’Brien, a 52-year-old former banker, took … Read more


Justice Kennedy has this wrong – why discriminate against Asians?

I am glad the Justice Department is investigating these issues. The following article from the New Yorker is written by a professor of law at Harvard, Jeannie Suk Gerson and represents the pandering that occurs to the intellectual elite in … Read more


Fun Holiday Idea – Getting Shot While Driving in Rio!

Agua can get you directions to Agua Santa – notorious favela where you can get shot. "Because of the language difficulties, there was some confusion. They ended up going to the Agua Santa neighbourhood (controlled by Red Command) where they … Read more


Ghastly Solar Palm Trees

I am all for alternative energy but the installation of these solar palms will blight the landscape, not improve it. These will get dust covered and old very quickly. Can you imagine Dubai’s open spaces , with these structures strewn … Read more

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