More Odd and Disturbing Crime News

Woman fears for family’s safety after animal attack stock image The Larson family plan on installing a security system after their rabbits were killed. GRAPHIC WARNING: Two pet bunnies were killed by either strangulation or blunt force, leaving a family … Read more


Avocado Thieves and Razor wire

I don’t know, but I am not sure the razor wire is going to work. I think a viscous long necked animal would be better, like a mean alpaca. 🙂 Avocado tree surrounded by razor wire in suburban Auckland … Read more


Man stole bank information from 13,000 cards in prolific SoCal ATM skimming operation – The San Diego Union-Tribune Matthew Langenkamp


Privacy – You Should Know What Info Apps Are Gathering

This is an article from the Guardian on Tinder, but could easily apply to any app you use. And what products are being developed to thwart this? That is what I want to know. Can’t I pay for an anonymising … Read more



Should the LAPD use drones? It is inevitable. There are still many questions to be answered, but it makes sense to allow a yearlong pilot project. A mong the arguments against the use of airborne camera-wielding drones by the Los … Read more

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