Salto Integration With CCTV Wavestore

Wavestore and Salto Integrate A technology partnership formed between SALTO and Wavestore is enabling operators to instantly visually verify the identity of anyone attempting to gain access to a site or sensitive areas of a building. The successful integration of … Read more


Perimeter Security Trends

The below article is about a fencing solution provided by Jackson’s Fencing of the UK. You can take a look at the type of fencing provided and decide for yourself whether or not it meets aesthetic goals alluded to in … Read more


Get ready for the future and be glad for long range RFID

The below article is a press release from Fresh Software Solutions. We don’t use their product and this is not an endorsement. We are only circulating because it represents yet another company that is developing products that take advantage of … Read more


Wi Fi Honey Pots

The following is a short interesting article from an attendee at the RSA Conference in SF last week. "Wi-Fi honeypots: Alive and well at RSAC 2018 Wi-Fi honeypots RSAC 2018It was a gorgeous, sunny week in San Francisco as the … Read more


Hotel Access Control Article

News Fusion and other news agencies have been creating headlines to scare you — "…could have given hackers access to any (hotel) room in the world." The articles refer to a problem with ONE particular technology, Vision by VingCard, not … Read more

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